MPAACT is pleased to present our upcoming Podcast Series!


Written by Tina Fakhrid-Deen

Directed by Erica Faye Watson

Music By Shawn Wallace


Mother of the Dark Water

Devised and Directed by Lauren Wells-Mann

Music By Lynsey Ann Moxie


Starting Over

Written by Shepsu Aakhu

Directed by Lauren Lundy


Never the Milk and Honey

Written by Shepsu Aakhu

Directed by Carla Stillwell

Music by Red Clay



Written and Directed by Shepsu Aakhu 



Black and Blue

Written by Shepsu Aakhu

Directed by Andrea J. Dymond 

Music by Red Clay



Andre Teamer, Shariba Rivers, Penelope Walker, Leonard House, Renee Lockett, Darren Jones Tamarus Harvell, Caren Blackmore, Jelani Pitcher, Nadia Pillay, Omari Ferrel, Brittany Davis, Nevada Montgomery, Shayla Jarvis, Brandi Booker, Myesha-Tiara, Ian Custer, Brianna Joy Ford, Alex Moorman, Fred Williams, Mathew Elam, Osiris Khepra, Thea Camara and more.

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