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MPAACT is a multidisciplinary theatre arts organization dedicated to producing original works by the nation's finest theatre artisits. Based in Chicago since 1991, MPAACT has built a reputation for innovation and excellence by solely producing world premiere productions which utilize language, music, and movement in a manner that captivates both the critical and commercial audience. The style of production has been labeled Afrikan Centered Theatre.

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 Written by: Shepsu Aakhu               Directed by: David Goodloe & Lauren Wells-Mann 

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Brought to life by a stellar company of 30 voices, Project Uplift is a collection of moments that will forever define a generation.  A “two week exercise” to “keep sane” has exploded into a year long chronicle of our time. Shepsu Aakhu, in a fit of frustration, creativity, and a need to connect with our collective humanity, has generated some of the most joyous, vulnerable, and delightfully (if sometimes brutally) honest excavations of collective and personal crises.  Penned while in lock down, and originally shared with a small community of artmakers – we gain a rare glimpse into the pandemic and its aftermath – all through a Black prism.

Written and Directed by Shepsu Aakhu

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With the spread of Covid19 - the arts are struggling more than ever before, and in these uncertain times, MPAACT needs your help to keep the lights on for our 30th season. We want to be able to continue to bring our community the art that keeps us going and the stories that keep us sane in a scary time. But we're still here and we're committed to staying. Please consider donating to our GoFundMe to help that commitment become a reality!

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