MPAACT consistently produces a season of outstanding world premiere productions. Through these productions, it exposes audiences to stories seldom told on America's stages. From the story of three immigrant sisters from Ethiopia, to a fifty-somethings musings on life, to the portrait of a young African American man on his first trip to Africa, MPAACT strives to be a company where artists can express and audiences can experience a myriad of realities of Black life.


The Reader 10/24/13

Warm on the Coolin Board
"The city don't want us here," observes Brian, echoing what's perhaps a common sentiment in Roseland, the neighborhood where Shepsu Aakhu's new play is partly set. A parallel story set in the after life suffers from fuzzy plotting, but ultimately offers a powerful articulation of Aakhu's key questions.

- Keith Griffith



When Trace Sullivan goes missing from his family's inner-city apartment, his sudden return with a case of amnesia raises more questions than answers. Trace's father, a suspected Radical leader, grows more paranoid, while his mother, a loyal teacher, grows more worrisome. Amidst a crumbling America, political ties and emotional trauma all complicate the question: What happened to Trace?

Without Trace
by Eric Lockley
Directed by Carla Stillwell
the Greenhouse Theater Center
2257 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago
April 18 - June 1, 2014