Hosted by: Brittany Davis


In the inaugural episode of the "With MPAACT" Podcast, Brittany sits and talks with company members Lauren Lundy, Nadia Pillay, Jelani Pitcher, and Mariah Gamble about their introduction to the world of theatre, their history with MPAACT, and the state of Chicago theatre post-pandemic. 


In this episode, we take a dive into some of the minds that are currently working on our upcoming production, Pulled Punches. We discuss taking up space and our actors share an excerpt from the show. Episode 2 is hosted by Brittany Davis, and features Tina Fakhrid-Deen, Lauren Wells-Mann, Mark James Heath, Fania Bourn, and Brad Harbaugh.


In this episode we speak to three playwrights that participated in the Black Lives Matter Season that MPAACT produced in 2013. We dive into politics, Black history, how BLM relates to the art we make, and how we move forward. Episode 3 is hosted by Brittany Davis, and features Carla Stillwell, Aaron Todd Douglas, and Shepsu Aakhu.